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Pakistan vs South Africa Highlights – 1st Semi-Final T20 World Cup (2009)

June 18, 2009 ICC World Twenty20, T20 World Cup Videos  Posted by   24 Comments

Pakistan Batting

South Africa Batting

Watch cricket highlights – Pakistan vs South Africa 1st Semi-Final of the 2009 T20 Cricket World Cup.

Here comes the first Semi-Final of the ICC T20 World Cup 2009. Pakistan and South Africa will be fighting for the position in the Final match of the tournament. Both teams looking in their best forms. South Africa is on top form in the tournament. They won all the matches in the Super 8 league matches are in very aggressive form. Pakistan have also come up good in their last two matches. The bowling performance by Umar Gul and Shaid Afridi are just super.

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Currently there are "24 comments" on this Article:

  1. aleem says:

    pak win the match

  2. gulshan says:

    go for it pak
    go and win the match

  3. osama says:

    pakistan won. I hope we win the final.

  4. Cheema says:

    I was not expecting such a poor performance from South Africa, but they proved their track record for playing poorly in Semi Finals once again. I think they tend to take pressure in big games. The middle overs were very crucial, and after losing first three wickets, they allowed lot of dot deliveries and did not try to score singles, hence leaving a lot for last overs. Umar Gul has been a star with his accurate yorkers and it was just too much to score of him. Pakistan has been winning games not for their batting but brilliant bowling. Younus Khan made a good decision as he choosed to bat first, Pakistan track record on chasing is not good.

  5. alam khan says:

    pak well done sofar.

  6. Inshallah….. pakistan will win the final…….we all must be pray to GOD for paistan to win the world cup 2009…………. inshallah

  7. saad says:

    Inshallah w are the champions

  8. faizan says:

    ur side is very slow in speed and many times i have to face the difficulties to understand that what is ur side is demanding for so kindly make it easy for every user that’s all


  9. qais says:


  10. ali says:

    Pakistan..you have proven to be the best cricket team in the world with your alround perdormance in the field ..you are tigers..the great fighters..get your title back soon..and tell the world that pakistan iz a country that doesnot require a certificate of clearance from any (baharti) ICC’s crooked shallowed minded species.. :cool: ..indians! you juss enjoy the miserable condition been enthraled upon u by ur dhuni (belly button) :mrgreen: ..dun miss to see the final…especially u indians !!!so pity on uuuuu..hehehe :razz: ..goray goray gal gal per raysham ka rumal hi pakistanio ka kia kehna :wink:

  11. king says:

    wow pakistan will win the final

  12. king says:

    altaf bhai ki ja ho

  13. king says:


  14. Awais Ahmad says:

    ur side is very slow in speed and many times i have to face the difficulties to understand that what is ur side is demanding for so kindly make it easy for every user that’s all


  15. Sallman says:

    o wht a match dat was
    kamran akmal and shahid afradi rocks

  16. hidayat says:

    ah afridi bad selection of players throughout the tournament
    hammad azam is still outside

  17. abdullah shakil says:

    inshallah pak will win semi final and final

  18. kashif murree says:

    i love pak

  19. Ammar says:

    I can’t belive that Pak won the match because the south africa is a good team and they must be chased 150 but Pakistan is Better team than South Africa.

  20. Farooq A. Mirza says:

    I will just say one thing, that south African will throw this from their mind,, that they can;t win sami finnal and quarter final, everytime they played.

  21. wiji says:


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